When Jesus asked his disciples. "Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?" Peter responded "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Jesus promised Peter that upon the Rock of that confession He would build His church. The truth of who Jesus is empowers common man to speak the message that opens the doors of heaven to sinners. 

Join us to learn strong principles for Godly living and reach new heights in our faith as we work our way through Peter's writings which evangelize the lost and instruct the church.

09/06/2015 1. Live in Hope - I Peter 1:1-12 
Those who come to faith in Christ have an eternal inheritance in heaven, a salvation that is the basis on which one can live in hope for the future with joy in all things in the present

09/13/2015 2. Live in Holiness - I Peter 1:13-2:3 
We who have a genuine faith in Christ are to live our lives in holiness because God the Father is holy, and this includes loving one another, ridding ourselves of the impure and unholy, and feeding on God's word.

09/20/2015 3. Live to Shine - I Peter 2:4-12
As believers and followers of Jesus, we are being built as His people, full of mercy, for the purpose of reflecting His glory to the world.

09/27/2015 4. Live to Submit - I Peter 2:13-3:7
As believers and followers of Jesus, we are to live in voluntary submission to His lordship, but also to employers and spouses.

10/04/2015 5. Live to Do Good - I Peter 3:8-22 
As believers and followers of Jesus, we are to live harmonious lives. Conflict is inevitable. When more than two people come together the potential for disagreement increases. Resolution glorifies God.

10/11/2015 6. Live for God - I Peter 4:1-11
As believers and followers of Jesus, we are to live our lives on earth fully devoted to God's will, with clarity of mind, and with service to others out of the giftedness each of us has from God.

10/18/2015 7. Live with Suffering - I Peter 4:12-19
As believers and followers of Jesus, we can expect trials and suffering, but in them we must continue to live in a way that honors Him, doing good and trusting ourselves to God.

10/25/2015 8. Live in Humility and Self-Control - I Peter 5:1-14
As believers and followers of Jesus, we are to live with humility, placing ourselves under God and under one another, with self-control in all things, all the while awaiting the day of redemption.