#InGodWeTrust Talk It Over Group Discussion Guide

There’s no doubt we are living in unstable and turbulent times, but there has never been a better time choose to have all-out trust in our God. For our culture, the topic of money and giving is one of the most difficult things to address, yet the Bible speaks abundantly on it. We have been created to say with tremendous faith, “I trust in you, Lord...my times are in your hand!”

1. In God We Trust: Because I Possess Nothing Of My Own [1 Chronicles 29:10-22]
God owns it all, from beginning to end. “For all things come from You.”

2.  In God We Trust: Even Though I’m Worried [Matthew 6:19-34]
God provides for even our smallest of needs. “For tomorrow will worry about itself.”

3.  In God We Trust: For More Than The Value Of a Dollar Bill [2 Corinthians 8 & 9]
God wants us to give generously as an offering of worship. “For God loves a cheerful giver.”

4.  In God We Trust: Even When I’m Afraid To Invest Myself [Matthew 25:14-30]
God sees responsible saving driving radical giving. “For God has entrusted me with much.”

5.  In God We Trust: While My Trouble May Be His Blessing [Philippians 4:10-20]
God expects us to be wise in our use of what is His. “For I have learned to be content.”