Christians are called to be disciples. But what is a disciple? Churches are called to make them. But how? Discipleship is not just a casual observance of Jesus or a class you take to learn more information about Him. Discipleship is following Jesus with your life. It is following Him so closely that you get covered in the dust of His feet. It is following Jesus in such a way that you become more like Him, and others around you become like Him as well. Follow Jesus these next six weeks into the Biblical discipleship all of us are called to as believers.

1. The Call of a Disciple [Matthew 4:18-22] - Dan Davis - 07.29.18
~ Jesus calls disciples to follow Him and be transformed.

2. The Fruit of a Disciple [John 15:1-17] - Dan Davis - 08.05.18
~ Disciples who abide in Jesus bear much fruit in their lives.

3. The Fight Of A Disciple [1Timothy 6:11-16] - Dan Davis - 08.12.18

4. The Making of a Disciple [Matthew 28:16-20] - Nick Calcagno - 08.19.18

5. The Legacy of a Disciple [2 Timothy 2:1-2] - Dan Davis - 08.26.18
~ The Gospel is a gift that disciples are called to hand down to others.

6. The Life of a Disciple [Hebrews 10:19-25] - Dan Davis - 09.02.18
~ A disciple' s life centers on Jesus because He gave His life for us.