God is a faithful God who is always working toward redemption and restoration in the world, and He does it through His people. But He will never do something great through us until He does something significant in us first.

1.  Awakened to Prayer [Nehemiah 1] - Dan Davis - 09.09.2018
~ Because God is faithful and we are not, we should appeal to Him in prayer.

2. Prayers, Plans, and Providence [Nehemiah 2] - Dan Davis - 09.16.18
~ God brings about His plans through His people as they depend on Him.

3. The People Build [Nehemiah 3] - Dan Davis - 09.23.18

4. Opposition, Response, Glory [Nehemiah 4] - Dan Davis - 09.30.18
~ God's people can live trusting that God overcomes all opposition to His plan.

5. The Cycle Continues [Nehemiah 5] - Joe LaDuca - 10.07.18
~ God’s people always find a way to turn from following God, yet God always provides a way to redeem them. 

6. The Last Effort [Nehemiah 6:1-15] - Dan Davis - 10.14.18

7. It's not about the wall, it's about God and His people [Nehemiah 6:15-7:73] - Pastor Dick - 10.21.18
~ God accomplishes His purposes through His people no matter the opposition, all to the end that He gets the glory and saves a people for His own possession. 

8. The Word of God and God of the Word [Nehemiah 8] - Dan Davis - 10.28.18
~ The people of God are built by the word of God.

9. Confession and Worship [Nehemiah 9] - Dan Davis - 11.04.18
~ When we recognize our guilt, we can look with joy to God's abundant mercy.

10. Awakened to True Worship [Nehemiah 10] - Dan Davis - 11.11.18
~ True worship comes through offering our entire being to God.


11. Thanksgiving! [Nehemiah 11-12] - Dan Davis - 11.18.18
~ The people of God celebrate His faithfulness through song and sacrifice.


12. Confrontation and Transformation [Nehemiah 13] - Dan Davis - 11.25.18
~ Christians are always susceptible to sin and so they need leaders who confront them and a Savior who transforms them.