Romans is the most influential letter ever penned. In it, the Apostle Paul goes to great lengths to clearly articulate the Good News. The Gospel is God's eternal plan of salvation to purchase a people for His own possession and for His own glory through His Son, Jesus Christ. In this Gospel we find this beautiful collision of God's wrath and grace at the cross of Jesus Christ. And because of that, we find a beautiful collision of people from every nation and background in the Church as they surrender to Jesus and are united with Him.

1. The Gospel of God [Romans 1:1-7] - Dan Davis - 01.06.2019
~ God calls His people from among the nations to the obedience of faith through the Gospel for His glory.

2. The Power of God in the Heart of the Church [Romans 1:8-17] - Dan Davis - 01.13.2019
~ The Gospel is at the heart of the church. It brings us in, forms us together, and sends us out as the church.