Christ tells all believers to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations! This starts in our Sunday worship gatherings, continues into our city, and ultimately seeks to reach the ends of the earth. At Randall we take this command seriously, and therefore we plan to GO! Randall Church has a strong history of going to the nations, and helping to send others as well.

World change starts in the places where we live, work, and play, and continues to the ends of the earth. It means inviting our neighbors to Sunday worship gatherings and then serving them from ministry teams. It means working with your Community Group to show and share the gospel with our city.

The world desperately needs to both see and hear the gospel. God has entrusted us with positions and means of influence and is calling us to use them to change the world. Randall seeks to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with international partners that pursue God’s Kingdom.

Our strategy is to send out short-term teams to serve the local church and to expose our church to how God is working amongst the nations, allowing God to prompt people to plant their lives and establish churches in mid and long-term experiences.